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Welcome to Piccobello Pomeranian.

We live in a small village in the middle from germany,near Magdeburg.
My passion for the Pomeranian goes back to the year 1996 ,but my passion for little dogs goes back a long way - in fact to when I was a child.My mother ,a long time Pekingese breeder ,opened my eyes and heart to the little dogs.
In the year 1996 I saw my first Pomeranian at a dog show and I was very sure , I was going to have one of these little fluffy balls.Now my first boy Unico come in my home.
Our Poms live with us together and can run and play in the house and the great garden anytime.
We only breed 1 - 2 litters a year and from that,we first must satisfy our own needs.Especially we breed the color wolfsable ,black and tan and cream.
Many thanks for your visit!
We hope you enjoy your visit with us and will call by again !

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